From tearout to tech: The transition of Bushbaby with his new single.

Over the years we have of course been paying close attention to the UK bass scene, including it’s evolution and expansion as artists delve into more expansive areas of underground dance music across the board. The scene itself over the past 5 years has been extremely interesting to watch grow, with somewhat of a split taking place following on from the explosion of bass music onto a more nationwide scale around 2016. The split itself seems to be primarily between the more stripped back and the more heavy side, with the racous, rapturous tear out sounds becoming more and more extreme, alongside the minimalizing and morphing of the tech-house influenced end of the spectrum.

One artist who has done a fantastic job of walking the path between the two since the bass scene’s revival is Bushbaby, a Brighton-based artist whose production exploits have brought him criticial acclaim of the past five years, becoming seen as one of the UK’s most exciting production talents. His approach always seems to be dripping with finesse and originality, whilst never seeming too alien or unexpected, the tunes just seem to work every single time.

Following on from a very exciting run of releases, Bushbaby this weekend launched his own standalone imprint: Chord & Clank, dedicated to exploring his more tech-inspired approach to 4×4 dance music, with an absolute thumper to kick off proceedings. The debut release entitled ‘The Way You Do It’ is a perfect example of Bushbaby’s forward thinking approach to genre fusion, as a lethal synthesizer line deploys euphoric waves of mid-high range frequency energy, atop punchy drum designs and a super catchy vocal riff. It’s seemingly another home run of an original.

The track has been recieving an incredible amount of support, landing itself into the coverted ‘New Music Friday’ Spotify playlist, alongside ‘Friday Crate Diggers’, ‘UK House Music’ and more. The support has been long expected, with Bushbaby’s previous singles including ‘Woman’s Touch’, one of the highest selling tracks to hit Beatport’s garage section, surviving for near enough the entirity of the following year within the Top 10 listing.

The future, as always, is looking incredibly bright for Bushbaby, who continues to move forward in leaps and bounds, bringing his unique fusion of tech and bass themes to as many ears as possible.

We have attached the track below for your listening enjoyment:

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