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Freddie Martin makes epic return with explosive new free download on ‘Psuedohnym’

Posted 22/10/18 in

What’s better than a banger? Yes, you are correct, a banger that is also a free download. We were thrilled to see that last night, Brighton’s Freddie Martin announced a brand new freebie dropping on his page today, much to the excitement of the bass community. It had been a little while since Freddie last released music, with his epic ‘Feel’ EP dropping on Southpoint earlier this year, along with a few top draw singles and remixes.

Since the release of that EP, Freddie has made himself a staple on the UK bass circuit, performing around the country to packed out venues, bringing a potent energy to every set he touches down upon.

Freddie has also regularly joined forces with the like of Bushbaby & Zero for three way live shows, a spectacle that is starting to gather some serious steam as the trio all surge forward with their individual yet highly malleable styles, making their collaborative energy something truly special.

So, what can we say about the track itself then? In short, it’s an absolute pile driver of a composition, harmonizing Freddie’s classic, raucous lashings of futuristic bass sound design with a more neurotic style of synthesis, lashing out with villainous melodic sections and egregious call and respond structures. This one really hammers home Freddie’s unique approach to both soundscaping and bass music production in general. The track is now available for free download via Freddie’s soundcloud page below, with a link attached to stream the track on Spotify.

You can also stream the track on YouTube, exclusively through UKF’s prestigious page here:

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Words: KXVU

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