Francois teams up with Saskilla & Jamkvy some rave-ready madness

We often find ourselves falling into long pits of discussion about the instrumental side of bass music here at The 3000 Network, which is of course understandable, it has become a primarily instrumental lead genre for the most part. However, we do sometimes need to take a step back and look at how important vocal additions have been to the 4×4 sound over the years, with numerous MC’s adding heat and additional energies to some of the biggest records over the years. Today, we are linking up with our good friends over at Four40 Records, the ever-dependable as it where, to bring you a look at some fresh vocal bass heat.

It’s a link up we are very excited to see to say the least, with the likes of Francois, a regular on the Four40 roster at this point, linking up with both Saskilla & Jamkvy for some serious rave material. Despite the fact the instrumentation could be described as slightly more stripped back than normal, there is still a bag of original dance floor flavour to be found within those chunky bassline expressions and scattered drum designs. This of course provides the perfect structure for both Saskilla & Jamkvy to bring some of that vocal flavour they are so well known for, channelling the spirit of the dance into this one with some real finesse.

Now this does pose the question of, without there being any actual raves for us to step into right about now, is there a call for this type of rave-inspired creation?

The answer is well and truly yes from our end, for two reasons in particular. The first of those is of course that raves will return and when they do, this will be at the top of our must-hear tunes. Secondly, you can still enjoy rave-intended tunes from home, let’s be real about it!

You can check out the track via the SoundCloud link below:

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