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Four40 Keep Standards High With An Addictive Offering From Pavv

Posted 3/5/19 in

Though probably unbeknownst to him, Brighton’s Pavv released one of my all-time favourite UK Bass tunes with ‘Know Your Name’ around four years ago; a crushing, sludgy effort with a sharp drum arrangement, the song scratched all the right itches and made me an instant fan. Fast forward to now and I’ve been on something of a Garage rediscovery – through some cosmic coincidence it seems Pavv, at least in terms of his production style, is walking a similar path.

‘Who Dis’ is a surprisingly ambitious effort for it’s short runtime blending Funky, Bass and Garage influences together rather beautifully and, although my review style is generally positive, I have to concede that ‘Who Dis’ stands out in particular as one of my favourite listens of the last 12 months. Whether this is a ‘right place at the right time’ scenario remains to be seen but regardless I expect some heavy rotation of this EP as the summer looms ever closer.

Kicking off with effervescent, eponymous Garage number ‘Who Dis’, Pavv plays with several vocal samples, key stabs and piano motifs and the end-product is a decidedly fresh arrangement reminiscent of Mike Millrain. The track absolutely glides through its five minute, twenty six second runtime and transitions easily into the next track on the billing ‘When You Say’. It is around this point in the EP, on my fourth listen through, where it dawned on me that the brilliance of this EP lies in its ability to capture all the energy of a sizeable set in just three tracks.

To this effect ‘When You Say’ blends nostalgic piano leads and vocals with a delicately balanced, bass-heavy UKG rhythm section. Again the listener might be forgiven for thinking the track length was on the shorter side, but again ‘When You Say’ clocks in at nearly six minutes and still seems to have had all the fat trimmed.

It would be tempting to say that the final track, ‘3210’, is my favourite and I do suspect that many others may hasten to agree, however it is worth recognising that it is especially impactful due to its position in the track-list, in my opinion. With both ‘Who Dis’ and ‘When You Say’ sharing similar soundscapes, ‘3210’ with its Funky influences and rolling feel, punctuated by wayward LFO flourishes certainly make it hit the hardest, but that is not to say it is necessarily better than the other very impressive entries on this excellent EP.

As a music reviewer, it is imperative that you listen to a release a number of times before you can give it a fair appraisal; ‘Who Dis’ was an absolute joy to listen to each and every time and I imagine that if there was ever a set of tracks that had the potential to propel Pavv even further into the scene’s collective conscience, these would absolutely be those tracks.

I have nothing but glowing praise for this superb release and give it my highest possible recommendation – if you weren’t taking notes, you should be now.

Listen to Pavv – ‘Who Dis’ here:

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