It’s always good to revisit some of our favourite label projects, especially when they have been absolutely smashing things to pieces for over a decade. The relationship between garage and grime and bass is a difficult one to manage within one roster, but when we see labels such as the impeccible Four40 Records being able to manouvre around all three with what appears to be relative ease, we are filled with nothing but happiness. The Four40 team inparticular have been instrumental in bringing a sense of unification to the UK underground scene, with their latest offering lands into a much more UKG-inspired realm.

The other thing that know the Four40 boys are able to put together in style every time is a cracking remix EP, which is exactly what they are offering up here as they welcome back the sounds of George IV, whose recent run of releases has been nothing short of ourstanding in our honest opinion, for a three track remix rampage, offering up the parts to the fantastic ‘Getting Your Love’, a single that has been doing the rounds with the vast majority of the major garage selectors out there right now.

The remixes themselves are in very capable hands, as up first steps the unmistakable duo of Royal Flush. They give the track a tremendous rework, giving us a classic feel good garage approach with colourful chord progressions and moogy bass notation below for good measure. Next, Kells strips back the original into a much more delicate creation, lead by scuttling percussive clicks and nostalgic organ tones, decorated with tidy vocal inputs above. Finally, Tee Vish strips it back even further into a sub-heavy 2-step experience, sprinkling touches of vocal flavour above a broken set up drum chops and a punchy bassline to wrap up a tidy body of garage material in style!

We can’t get enough of these three fantastic recreations and you can check them all out via our good friends over at JunoDownload below:

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