As a collection of regulars in and around the UKG scene across England in particular, it’s always a lot of us fun for us as a team here at The 3000 Network to explore the latest goings on within the scene. Whether that be us taking in a fresh drop from a brand new imprint, or getting stuck into the latest offering from a more established vendor. Today, we are getting involved with the latter as we head over to the camp at Slime Recordings, a very well run and maintained collective of individual label projects, that have once again delivered a slice of magic for us to enjoy. The consistency of these guys is so exciting to observe, from the quality of every release to the refreshing textures of each individual piece of cover art.

Using the garage-driven arm of their operation: Downplay, we see the Slime team once again pull out all of the stocks with a sizziling new two-tracker, welcoming the enigmatic sounds of Fork And Knife into the fray. Fork And Knife as an artist has been one of the more cosnsistent out there over the last few years, switching his sound between grime, garage, dubstep and whatever else takes his fancy. He returns to the realms of 2-step with this latest release, giving us a pair of rave-ready heaters, stooped in finesse-fueled production techniques and original rhythmic design.

We begin with a look at the title track ‘Phonecall’, an stunning traverse through glittering, blippy backdrops and synthetic landscapes, giving us visions of glacial peaks and ice caves, all tied together with wicked drum production and a bulbous bassline below, giving us a look into the more delicate side of Fork And Knife’s production from the jump. On the flip, the vibrant melodic inputs and again sweeping soundscapes of ‘Tiny Cat’ give us another bubbling creation to enjoy, giving us a more breathy feel but allowing the perfect amount of space for a wicked b-side addition.

Both of these fantastic originals are able to preview via the JunoDownload link below:

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