Since the inception of bass music in general, there are few cities of areas of musical interest that have had as much involvement in both the crafting of the sound and it’s advancement as Sheffield. The city itself has always been a bit of a hub for electronic music, with the general energy of the ravers and the appetite for electronic dance music being just incredibly high. Sheffield is widely regarded as one of the original homes of bassline music and with that, it has gone on to breed some of the most exciting artists and imprints that we currently have working in the scene today.

One of our favourites and without a doubt one of the most consistent, now across the UK in general, is of course The Wub Club, previously headed up primarily as an events company, but now focussing primarily on releasing fantastic underground dance music across the full spectrum. Headed up by Forca, the label itself has been an absolute revelation, hitting consistency levels on par with the most popular imprints in the country and we have to say, watching that journey unfold has been absolutely joyous to witness. Just good people, doing things the right way you know?

Their latest offering is a pretty good example of that, as they pull together a huge chunk of their roster for what is undoubtedly going to go down as one of the biggest compilation drops of the year. From what we understand ‘Wub World’ will be the first in a line of compilation drops celebrating the artists on the label and the sounds they represent in full force. This first collection is pretty mind boggling to say the least, featuring 17 storming originals, all covering their own unique area of underground electronic music, from garage to bass to grime to drum and bass and back around again.

The tracklisting itself is massive but the artist roster is even more impressive, with the likes of Hans Glader, Mikey B, Thorpey, Jack Junior, Deadbeat UK, Bailey P, Dr Cryptic, Mr Dubz, Event Horizon and a tonne more all making impressive apperances, all to celebrate the rise and growth of The Wub Club as an overall entitiy. We are even lucky enough to take in a full collaboration between Forca and Phatworld, which from what we understand has been quite a highly anticipated drop in itself. The project is an absolute triumph, which we couldn’t recommend you checking highly enough.

You can check out the full compilation below, via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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