For our next release on 3000 Deep we are thrilled to be unveiling a brand new EP drop, welcoming the charismatic sounds of Fer Shor inside for two tracks of dancefloor-ready dynamism.

We open up with the thunderous acid rain of ‘Don’t Stop’, which is driven forward by a bubbling batch of moogy bass action, sizzling away atop hardcore rave pianos and catchy vocal chops, giving the whole track a very lively feel indeed.

On the flip to this, we then get a second to take in the sounds of ‘Dancefloor’, an almost disco influenced sounding arrangement, stacked to the brim with luminous harmonic chimes and distant string slides. Both of these are very welcome additions to the 3000 Deep catalogue, boasting some serious dance floor energy within!

You can check out The 3000 Network Premiere of ‘Don’t Stop’ below:

Stream the release on Spotify here:

The Juno Download exclusive is available below: