The CruCast wave continues to grow in both intensity and consistency as they move through a very high quantity of new releases, exploring the spaces in and around bass and jungle with a ferocious amount of drive. The last few weeks have seen them put together a tonne of exciting new drops which we, here at The 3000 Network are making a serious effort to keep up with as the catalogue continues to grow at an alarming rate. This latest drop sees the UK high-flyers return to the realms of drum and bass with just a dash of jungle thrown into the blend as well, as they welcome the explosive sounds of Exile into the fold.


Exile - Assumptions EP
Exile – Assumptions EP


As far as resume’s go, Exile is a name we are very interested in exploring, being a Birmingham based producer with a serious catalogue of goodies and a raucous style that is sure to send ravers around the world into an absolute frenzy. That catalogue is a pretty chunky box of treats, featuring popular releases alongside the likes of Digital Terror Records, Forbidden Frequencies and more, next to a very popular mix series that sees Exile really get down into the nitty gritty of high energy D&B blends. Therefore, we couldn’t be more excited to take a dive into this brand new EP, which we have been told is a naughty piece of work.

We open up with the super colourful arrangements of ‘D.N.Y.L’, which through a combination of bulbous 808 pulses and gritty LFO swipes, gives us a quirky yet seriously likeable introduction, also doused in clever vocal sampling for that extra level of connection. From here, ‘Don’t Leave Me‘ gives us another pelter for the dance as those same vocal tones appear with vengance, leading towards a seriously skatty, distortion-driven breakdown, followed by the more roller-inspired arrangements of ‘Please Stay’, which lets loose a barrage of chord-like bass stabs atop some clean drum work.

We then close out with the rave-ready euphoria of ‘Tell Me’, which once again makes great use of vocal samples, leading us to a lively finale filled with nostalgic bliss and synthetic wonder, rounding off a wicked collection with some serious style.


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