Despite the fact that the broadest selection of our content revolves around genres that sit inside the 4×4 bracket, we have always been keen to make sure the reach of The 3000 Network spreads as far and wide as we can possibly make it. The routes of all of our teams musical histories come from such a broad range of backgrounds, with myself being firmly planted in 140 and all of the genres that are encompassed by that famous BPM reading. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the most exciting producers in the field of wave music right now, which over the past few years has taken the internet by storm as a sound.

Wave, in theory, almost plays the roll of the liquid of grime and dubstep, focussing on big, emotive melodic leads and earth-shattering synthesizer runs, without leaving the base elements of the other genres behind. It’s always good to explore and today’s feature comes from two of the most consistent names out there as Eone & Pholo join forces for the potent sounds of ‘NetGhost’. We call the pair consistent, because if we are honest, we are yet to hear a track from either that we out and out dislike.

The track itself is a certified thrill ride through ethereal harmonic structure and powerful bass design, seeing both Eone & Pholo really push the boat out to create something to catch the ears almost instantly. The beauty of this wave sound is the depth with which artists are able to layer up their compositions, giving much more creative licence for extensive melodic journeys with some awesome sound design playing a lead role. It’s great to hear and sets up both Eone & Pholo nicely for the rest of 2021.

You can check out the full single via the link below:

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