It’s always a pleasure for the team here at The 3000 Network to be able to explore different genres and sounds outside the normal realms of garage and bass that we tend to inhabit most frequently. Today, we are continuing our journey into the unknown, but maintaining the idea of international collaboration as we see jump into the futuristic realms of wave. As a combination off-shoot of grime, dubstep, trap and many more ingredients, the wave movement has never been stronger, with some truly incredible musicians being able to dive face first into the euphoric arrangements we have grown to absolutely love.

Today we take a peek at a Brighton to New York journey as Eone & Nick Neutronz link up for a very tidy two tracker.

Now first of all, Eone is an artist who has been plying his trade across both grime and wave for a hot minute now, developing a fabulously hard hitting style of sound design, nestling nicely in between the nostalgic and the euphoric. Nick Neutronz on the other hand is a US-based mastermind when it comes to production, returning from a brief hiatus to really throw down on this excellent new link up. The duo have a number of nicely overlapping production attributes, making us very exciting to get into this project and explore the treats and easter eggs it has to offer in full.

The title track ‘Skyscrapers’ is where we begin our exploration, being immediately greeted by a very enthusiastic icey arpeggio unit, leading us towards an earthshaking combination of stunning synthetic design and fluctuating bassline action. It’s one hell of an introduction, leaving a lot of work to be done to match it on the B-side. To follow then, ‘Nitezone’ gives us a shimmering sweep through much more emotive fields of sonic mastery, utilizing electrifying bass notation and a constantly shifting background soundscape, keeping the listener on their toes from start to finish.

You can check out this fabulous creation via the link below:

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