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EndzSelectz – October

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October was a mad 31 days for urban music as a whole, but for the grime scene, we saw more up and coming artists coming through, more collaborating and even more releasing debut projects along the way.

At Deez Endz we champion those artists and give them the recognition they deserve, they might not get anywhere else. Our team embrace the culture that surrounds the grime scene, which not only gave London communities a voice, but also gave the country as a whole the most energetic sound there is. Grime is an art form which we may be losing through commercial success. At Deez Endz, we aim to reverse that because grime isn’t just music. It’s a representation of a lifestyle centered on struggle.

We have had to pleasure to write about the emerging artists over the course of the month that all grime fans need on their radar. Here are 10 grime tracks we believe have stood out in October and are still making heavy noise right now.


10) Madders – Oh My (prod. By J Fresh)

Starting off the countdown is this banger from Madders Tiff – Oh My. The North Londoner has remained fully on job this year, with every release sounding heavier than the previous one.

Her confidence on the mic is second to none, definitely one of the hardest rising females in the scene right now.

9) Logan – Move From We (prod. By RakJay)

Another North Londoner putting in mad work this year is Logan. After appearing on Sir Spyro’s set alongside Micofcourse at Mez’s Keep Hush night in August, bangers have been dropping left, right and centre.

On ‘Move From We’, Logan stays true to the genre whilst switching up his unique styles over the cold RakJay production.

8) Reece West – Flavours

After following the journeys of hundreds of ‘new gen’ MC’s, one that has argubably stood out the most is Reece West. After shelling down endless radio sets and raves, again repping North London (not West), Reece has made a serious name for himself and it is only right he gives the fans what they want – a brand new EP in the form of ‘Departure Lounge’.

‘Flavours’ is the first single taken from the project in which Reece commands with his wavey flow. The vibrant visuals take you on a spiritual journey which the project (out Nov 16th) will no doubt do the same.

7) JDefianT – Can’t Buy It (Prod. by Shannon Parkes)

One artist that has made huge entrance into the scene recently is JDefianT. After shelling down Major Muzik’s The Next Legacy rave, the Essex spitter has backed up his unparalleled energy on the mic with his debut project ‘Far From Famous’.

We were lucky enough to premiere this stomper ‘Can’t Buy It’ where J bodies the dark Shannon Parkes instrumental with his skippy flow and sincere wordplay. Huge!

6) Yizzy – Hype Ting

If you haven’t heard of Yizzy, where have you been for the past year? A spitter who is very serious in this game and cannot be taken lightly when on the mic.

‘Hype Ting’ is an energetic banger that has to power to light up any rave and with Star One on the buttons, you can never go wrong!

5) Slickdon – Murking Again

Undeniably one of the coldest MC’s from Brum Town, Slickdon dropped this monster track earlier in the month and took everyone by storm.

He goes in over the gritty Jammz production and proves he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Watch the intriguing visuals below:

4) Micofcourse Ft. Capo Lee – Of Course (prod. By Alpha Redd)

A collaboration many were calling out for, Micofcourse and Capo Lee certainly didn’t disappoint with ‘Of Course’.

The inventive wordplay from the duo is what makes this track and it’s no wonder it’s still getting endless plays across the board.

3) Faultsz – Dappa

Faultsz returns to the scene with this feel-good-banger ‘Dappa’. For this latest offering, Treble Clef encapsulates the Lewisham emcee’s flow with ease with an old-skool riddim. This track had to be in the top 3!

2) Scrufizzer – Buss

A track that was released at the start of the month that is still sounding just as heavy.

‘Buss’ from Scrufizzer has earned crazy numbers on all major platforms and it’s no wonder why as he shells the beat from start to finish with his distinctive ‘Fizzy Flow’. Real grime.

1) Big Zuu Ft. JME – Fall Off

A no-brainer having this one as #1. Big Zuu’s not only been one to take the most pride is his work and stay true to the scene, but he’s also helping push it with his own radio shows.

For ‘Fall Off’ he calls upon none other than BBK’s JME and it’s most probably the biggest sounding collaboration in grime so far this year. Also, a very huge introduction for his latest project ‘Content With Content’ which is already looking like a timeless body of work.

So that’s it, 10 of what we believe are the top 10 grime tracks of October. Be sure to comment below any that you feel should have been on the list and look out for our next #EndzSelectz next month, as grime continues to remain anything but, dead.

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