It’s always fun for us here at The 3000 Network to explore the latest musical flavour, especially when we set out to traverse a feeling of genre fusion. We take such enjoyment out of hunting down new music that we can then help showcase here on the platform, whether than be original bassline flavour, the more modern garage sound, or even a dash of new school breaks here and there. Today, we exploring the 5th official release of a very exciting imprint by the name ‘Juicey Tunes’. who have employed the services of two certified soundsmiths for a vibrant two-track experience.

Both Ell Murphy & Mani Festo, the two artists in question, have been on serious rolls of late with a bag of exciting material landing across a number of different labels and platforms in general, looking to explore the more experimental side of breaks and UKG creations. The whole vibe of their collaborative energy is instantly engaging, with a feeling of intricacy and attention to detail running throughout the heart of both of these vibrant originals.  Ell Murphy has already featured heavily on the label over the last few releases, but this is a very welcome debut for the wonderful sounds of Mani Festo, who wastes no time getting stuck into some crunchy production flavour.

We open up with the sounds of ‘Turning’, a wicked link up that was previously released as a stand-alone single on the label prior to this double up. This one packs a serious punch as the icy vocal tones of Ell Murphy are let loose across Mani Festo’s bulbous selection of booming bass instrumentation and catchy rhythmic skips for good measure, giving us a nostalgic yet modern-rave-ready design, perfect for upping the energy levels in any dance! On the flip, the pressure gauge is pushed to the limit as the relentless jungle-inspired drum crunches and bassline energy of ‘Dreamin’ arrive as a serious piece of back-up weaponry, jam-packed with high tempo goodness. Both of these originals are set to cause some serious dancefloor damage!

You can check out the full release via our good friends over at JunoDownload!

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