It’s always a bit of thrill to see the latest offerings that the team over at Southpoint have put forward, with their extensive catalogue constantly moving the scene forward across numerous different sounds and styles. As a label, the Southpoint team clearly pride themselves of allowing artists to explore their creativity and push themselves to try something different, with their soundscape range including everything between dubstep and grime to garage to breaks to bass and everything inbetween. This time around, they have brought together a very exciting collection from a very special duo, that of course being Earthnut, who return to the label for yet another explosive release.

The Earthnut journey has been another exciting one to follow, with their uniquely techy take on UKG and breaks allowing them to forge something truly unique with every studio session, also moving into the realms of new school dubstep every now and then, whilst also exploring a much more acidic feel with some of their recent drops and studio sessions. The Earthnut boys have had quite a long history of releasing with the Brighton-based label, with numerous EP’s and compilation appearances featuring on the catalogue over the years. This may well be their strongest feature yet however, as they unveil the ‘Acanthus’ EP, a direct follow up to their debut ‘Brythonic’ project a few years back.

We open up with the title track ‘Acanthus’, a vibrant dive into nostalgic synthetic energy and bulging bass design below, focussing on 90’s style soundscapes and floating pad textures to give us a truly euphoric introduction. From here, we dive into the more unusual and abstract side of Earthnut’s production with ‘Accidently Slow’, which fuses crunchy percussive rhythms and lethal LFO swipes, before ‘Fae Flourish‘ gives us another softer idea, again focussing on those distant, almost ominous pad designs, topped off with some seriously punchy percussive inputs to match.

We then move towards the collaborative end of the project as Gru Var jumps on board for a dubstep-driven twist on ‘Fae Flourish’, deploying system-busting sublines and sharpened drum textures to send the EP into an entirely different sphere of existence, followed closely by the raucous sounds ‘Think’, which sees both Earthnut and Gru Var come together forĀ  a shuffling bass-driven behemoth, combining the abstract with the futuristic for one final jamboree. The entire EP is a hell of a journey, which we couldn’t recommend you checking out enough via the link below:

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