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Earthnut arrive with another classy slice of UKG, remixing Destiny’s Child

Posted 23/5/19 in

It’s a very exciting time for UKG as a scene, with numerous different labels, both old school and new flourishing in a rapidly widening field of fortune. We are seeing some super impressive work from the likes of Four40, Slime, , Beastwang, Kiwi and a host of other names, giving the scene a real injection of vibrancy and fun, which is leading to more producers getting involved in the UK’s go-to summer sound.

One artist duo that we have been watching with some seriously keen eyes is Earthnut, a team who continue to impress with everything they touch. So far they have racked up some impressive releases on established label platforms such as Strictly Flava, with their ‘Skippi & Move Around ‘ drop, alongside some wicked remixes. We have also seen them touch down on Southpoint twice, with a very well received debut on their Introducing platform, along with a wicked feature on the hugely popular ‘Moony & Movement Presents’.

Well, following this, you will be glad to here that the duo are back in action, this time keeping it in house release wise as they get to work refixing an absolute classic. Now let’s be honest, a tonne of people attempt Destiny’s Child remixes, the accapellas are out there, it’s just something that is going to happen. However, 99% of the time, they really don’t do justice to what is without a doubt one of the most notable vocals in R&B.

This is why we felt we had to put together some words on Earthnut for this one, as they smash it out of the ballpark. They bring their uniquely techy approach to UKG production to the table here, making for some absolutely delightful sounds and switchups, whilst remaining very respectful to the power of the original vocal line. The whole track has a really nostalgic feel to it, without sounding tired or dusted, a trap that a lot of new school UKG producers unfortunately fall into. To be honest, we love it, and we are absolutely certain that you will to!

We grabbed the Earthnut boys for a second to ask why they wanted to remix such a classic, to a response of ‘Honestly – We were listening to a load of ‘Say My Name’ bootlegs (across various genres… never realised there are SO MANY) and really wanted to give it our own spin, with the classic chopped vocals/bumpy 4×4 Garage sound – that style lends itself so well to the smooth RnB vocals in Say My Name. This also follows the pattern of the bootlegs we released last summer, which all touch on the RnB vocal side of UKG.’

You can check out the full track for free download below: 

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Words: KXVU

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