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Dynascope – Your Area

Posted 21/8/19 in

With bass music constantly expanding and evolving substantially as a genre, sometimes it’s fun to go back to the old school, which is exactly what we do here with this brand new bag of heat from Dynascope, a Zurich based producer who has been ticking all the right boxes with his vibrant, gnarly production stylings.

We are therefore thrilled to welcome him to the 3000 Bass channel with this potent heater which takes the name of ‘Your Area’, due to it’s expertly sliced vocal snippets which pepper the mix from above. The composition itself is a fantastic amalgamation of bass sounds rotating and writhing amidst colourful drum sounds and sharp rhythmic designs, reminiscent of early My Nu Leng and Taiki Nulight. This one is perfect for adding a touch of spice to the dance.

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