Over the years here at The 3000 Network, we have been able to enjoy discussing such a fabulous range of sounds and musical directions, all stemming from the feeling of underground dance and electronic music. The UK is without a doubt a global powerhouse for musical innovation, with so many different sounds constantly emerging and cementing themselves into the constantly spinning wheel that is UK underground culture. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a label who have gone out of their way to push the boat out in and around the typical 140 sound, now moving their focus to tempo’s further afield and even more experimental.

As an imprint, the ESC_ team have been extremely impressive to watch as their brand has continued to grow and expand, as mentioned above, they have always looked to explore new sonic landscapes and showcase unique talent within their roster, with none of their releases ever falling anywhere near a cookie cutter bracket. This most recent release is a fantastic example of that in motion as their very own head honcho DV-US makes his return to the label, exploring a fusion of Asian melody and gritty grimey backdrops across four sizzling original creations.

First up, we take a closer look at the sounds of ‘Lies’, a vibrant harmonic masterclass in futuristic fusion, taking popping vocal samples and a grizzly bass design and layering them under shimmering square wave melodies for a pretty epic journey. Following this, ‘Avenue’ explores a more atmospheric design, with the eerie chanting and scattered drum textures giving it an almost holy feel, followed closely by the sharpened snare clicks and bubbling melodic plucks of ‘Shanghai-Hi’, which again gives us an entirely unique direction to explore. Finally, ‘Likah G’ gives the EP a punchy outro, reworking catchy rap vocals into a jittering topline, surrounded by bell-like melodic twitches and pointy drum processing to round out this project in real style.

This is a great way to sign off the year for the Esc_ team, which you can check out via the link below, courtesy of Juno Download:

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