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Durkle Disco continue their exciting run with Boa Kusasa & Redders collaboration

Posted 31/7/19 in

Now, if you have been following bass music in the UK to any degree of the last 12 months, you would have found it nearly impossible to avoid a certain track by Kouslin and Logan. Without a doubt, ‘Bad’ has been one of the biggest tracks of the year, receiving air time around the world and from some of the UK’s biggest DJ’s, as well as pushing both Logan and Kouslin forward as a duo onto platforms such as Idris Elba’s ‘Yardie’ mixtape.

The label behind that release was Durkle Disco, a Bristol based project that has been smashing it over the years with a steady stream of top quality releases, always pushing the boundaries and representing the ever change of the UK bass scene, be it grime, garage, bassline, dubstep or funky.

This latest release from them sees another wonderful collaboration take place as we see Boa Kusasa join forces with Redders for a wicked new  piece of funky fusion. We have seen both names before of course, but this link up is a match made in heaven for certain.

It’s always exciting to see genre fusions and this is a wicked example of it being done well, with Boa providing some futuristic, skippy UK funky instrumental flavours and niche style LFO basslines, over which are able to see Redders run wild with high energy rhythmic flows and toasted chants, making this track the perfect piece of ammunition to light up the rave. This project also comes complete with some heavyweight remix flavour, including versions from K Stylz & LR Groove, followed up by a wicked instrumental mix.

We have been lucky enough to get involved with the release by way of an official premiere of the LR Groove remix via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page, which we have arranged and placed below for you all to preview ahead of this Friday’s release.

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Words: KXVU

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