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Duploc spark the first fuse as they unveil a magnificent ‘War Dubs’ project

Posted 7/4/20 in

Dubstep’s growth and expansion over the last two years has been an absolute pleasure to witness. Through my work at JunoDownload I have been in a very lucky position, from which I have been able to observe all of the latest releases flying onto shelves, which to be honest has been naught but a pleasure. Not only has the sound expanded in terms of it’s orchestration and instrumentation, but in it’s quality. It is genuinely very rare these days for me to come across a new release on one of the bigger labels that doesn’t blow me away!

Today we are heading over to one of the leading platforms within the dubstep world as we touch down at Duploc, hosts of the internationally famed dubstep-awards and a very exciting label project which has grown into it’s own entity over the past couple of years. Their latest release is where we are looking as they pull together an incredibly impressive roster for a very interesting release indeed. It takes the title ‘Duploc War Dubs’ and as you can see on the tin, it packs an explosive punch.

The release as a whole is made up of 12 exclusive remix creations, seeing a truly outstanding track selection come together, remixing originals from Hebbe, Melle, Mr. K, Ternion Sound, Juss B, SBK, ENiGMA Dubz and many more well established faces. It’s not just the quality of the originals that is sky high however, so let us unveil the full tracklisting, which when laid out in front of us is truly a sight to behold:

Hebbe, Melle & Mr.K – Wayside (ENiGMA Dubz remix) 
Ternion Sound – Yellow & Grey (ColtCuts remix)
ARtroniks – Shifted (Rygby remix)
Juss B – Sandman (Ourman remix)
Ternion Sound – Up Up (smith. remix)
Noclu – Poseidon (Sam Cosmic remix)
ENiGMA Dubz – The Eyes (Ternion Sound remix)
SBK. – One Man (Abstrakt Sonance remix)
Requake – Fear (Beatsforbeaches remix)
Ourman – Harpy (Drumterror remix)
Ternion Sound – Up Up (Pushloop remix)
Ghostek – Seek War (Dalek One remix)

As you can see, the line up is truly outstanding as welcomes a range of remixers in to do battle with twelve of the most potent tracks in Duploc’s now extensive catalogue. We would fully recommend taking this one in via a long-play format, just to fully enjoy the project and marinate in it’s overall energy.

We have attached the current SoundCloud playlist for this one below for your listening enjoyment:

Follow: Duploc

Words: KXVU

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