Now its safe to say that dubstep is undergoing a real period of stability and expansion across it’s many different sectors right now, with numerous different artists, label imprints and general platforms keeping the quality levels high. One platform we have to take our hat off to each and every time is of course Duploc.com, one of the most outstanding underground electronic music projects to emerge over the last decade in our honest opinion.  Their input into the dubstep scene worldwide has been pretty crucial in the continued advancement of the sound and there aren’t many platforms doing as good a job!

Following on from the incredibly well recieved ‘Duploc Awards’, they have pulled together their resources to unveil one heck of a compilation, taking the title ‘140 Allstars Vol. 1’.  The project features six sizzling original steppers delights, kicking off with gnarly sub designs and intricate percussive shakes of JSM’s ‘1893’. Next, the tribal vocal shouts and lethal synth additions of 11th Hour’s ‘Immortals’ send a shiver down the spine before the buzzy melodies and heavily reverberated grooves of Crowley’s ‘Swerve’ up the pace a tad.

Moving into the second half of the project,  we are now introduced the incredibly consistent production abilities of Causa, who delivers a low-ended gritbox in ‘Triple Chic’, doused in metallic bass flavour and lively rhythms. Form here we find ourselves into a pool of nostalgic energy as Ome delivers an LFO-led demon of a tune with ‘Better Stay Home’, manipulating powerful bass action all over the shop, topped with haunted melodic jitters for good measure. We then round the project off with the whirwind of dubbed out melody and spacey drumwork that is the ‘VIP’ mix of Ninety’s ‘Snake Kiss’, bring a close to a truly spectacular body of work.

The full previews for the project are available to check out via the Duploc SoundCloud page and we could’t recomend it highly enough. It’s jam-packed with steppers scorchers and we are so excited to be showcasing it for you today!

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