Over the many years of following a number of different sounds and styles, with a constant feed running right back to the realms of dubstep music. There is no doubt that dubstep is in one of the strongest places we have seen it since the genre first emerged back in the early 2000’s, following on from the lul in mainstream popularity that followed. However, we now find ourselves in a time where both the creativity of the sound and the widened audience for it are both at a serious high point, with numerous imprints and projects doing everything they can to push it even further.

One of the imprints that has always impressed in this department is of course Duploc, an outstanding platform for the latest and greatest 140 figures to showcase their sounds, along with the platform providing a fabulous awards ceremony at the end of the year. This latest selection they have pulled together is another fantastic example of just how consistent they have been over the last few years, welcoming six thunderous new creations, doused in original dubstep flavour and all exploring different areas of the extensive 140 spectrum.

First up, Sedan arrives with a spooky-style roller named ‘Tecc’, jam-packed with eerie synthetic melody and spacious sound design, giving us a chilling introduction that we very much enjoy. From here, Ourman delivers a sizzling VIP mix of ‘Sp00ns’, giving the original a much more chunky twist up, topped with clinking percussion and moody pads, before the systen-busting sub textures of ‘Me Nah’ from Beatsforbeaches delivers a hard-hitting slap of subby goodness.

We then find ourselves jumping into more womping goodness as the squelchy bass drones of Distinct Motive’s ‘Champ’ give us something a little different, before Senncoria’s ‘CTRL DMG’ delivers a blistering barrage of sub-heavy synthetics, blasting the system to pieces. Finally, Teffa arrives is typically spectacular form, giving us a swampy roller in ‘Cosmos’ to round things up nicely.

You can check out the full EP below via our good friends at JunoDownload

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