The main aim of our vision here at The 3000 Network is to provide a platform for as many different areas of underground electronic music in the UK sphere, with our fantastic team coming from such a mixed collection of musical roots. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a sound that have definitely been looking to cover more of here at Threethousand.co.uk as we look at a spicy new grime instrumental from two of the most exciting names in the game. The instrumental side of grime has such an interesting history, which we will take a brief look at also.

Since the evolution out of it’s garage and dancehall, grime music has always boasted a strong instrumental side to the scene, with most DJ’s still taking a heavy focus on instrumental creations and so many different sub-genres of grime being constantly moved into the mix and blend. Producers are as big a part of grime’s success as the MC’s and even now you can look around the commercial world and see grime instrumentals all over advertising and montage videos across mainstream terrestrial television. Today therefore we are thrilled to be featuring the likes of Dullah Beatz & Big E-D, who join forces on the wicked Earthspin Records for a hard hitting new instrumental single by the name of ‘Chopper’. 

In our eyes, this is a fantastic example of just how complex and creative you can get within the harmonic structure of a grime instrumental as we are greeted by a luscious array of colourful string sections, tumultuous brass explosions and skippy 2-step influenced drum rhythms that do their job in adding an extra dash of energy. We know full well that both Dullah & Big E-D are extremely certified instrumental soundsmiths, so to see the two veterans continuing to crack out instrumentals of this quality and energy level is always an exciting thing to see.

You can check out the preview for the track via our friends at JunoDownload using the embedded link below: 

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