It’s been a vibrant start to the year across the world of bass music, especially here in the UK, with numerous different brands and platforms all pushing forward with exciting releases and projects, showcasing the talent levels that are now openly available to witness. Today we are going to be diving into a very well thought out collection of tracks that make up the ‘Year Of The Duck’ EP, which despite it’s quite amusing name, is a serious piece of artillery that we are very much expecting to see tearing dances to absolute pieces up and down the country over the next few weeks.

This project comes to us courtesy of YOSH, who have continued to support both the already established producers in the scene, alongside a fabulous array of exciting newcomers, keeping their release schedule balanced but also maintaining a serious level of quality throughout, with this latest addition from Duckworthsound being a perfect example of that balance. Based in London, Duckworthsound has been causing absolute carnage with his recent run of stormers, this latest EP in our eyes being the cherry on top of a many layered cake of goodness. Featuring three outstanding originals, we get to see him in his absolute bag from start to finish.

If you are looking for an epic introduction, look no further than the leading track ‘Rider’, a tumultuous display of tangy synthetic mastery and genre-shifting arrangements, happening to link together some of the craziest sound design we’ve heard in a hot minute, with big room melodic inputs and cheeky string injections for good measure. It’s safe to say that you can’t ask for much of a bigger intro than this!

Duckworthsound - Year of the Duck EP
Duckworthsound – Year of the Duck EP

If that wasn’t enough for you, HEXORCIZT then joins the party for the more glistening arrangement of ‘Changes’, a warbling tundra of fluid LFO lines and high energy drum slaps below, closely followed by another floor-filling collaboration alongside Mintnite. This one takes the title ‘Fire’ & combines metallic synthesizer runs with grizzly reese like textures over a slightly slower tempo, packing a mechanical punch to round off this collection with a serious slap.

You can check out all three tracks on this project via Spotify and Soundcloud below:


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