Duckworth returns to YosH for another killer single drop

At first we were ‘Bubblin’’ and now he’s got us falling in love, Duckworthsound returns to label, YosH, with one of his most highly requested singles, ‘FWB’.

Duckworthsound is a DJ/ producer from the UK who is known for his extremely high energy sound and variety of production. To this point Duckworthsound’s following has been made up of an American-heavy fanbase due to the style of his releases, that resonates with the US bass scene, however, November 2020 saw his solo release debut on UK label, YosH, with a unique bass anthem, ‘Bubblin’’.

‘Bubblin’ helped to launch Duckworthsound’s campaign to help re-engage his UK audience and it worked in a BIG way, the track reached the top of the Beatport Garage & Bassline Chart as he harnessed the sound of the UK Bass scene, while keeping it fresh with his unique bass sound design and up-tempo energy.

So now, Duckworthsound is back, and with one of his biggest releases to date. The dark and groovy ‘FWB’, has been one of Duckworthsound’s most highly anticipated releases and now it’s finally here, back on YosH and is likely to be one of his biggest hits of the year. Receiving support from the infamous JOYRYDE as well as label owners, FooR, the top names are already pushing this single, helping to establish Duckworthsound, himself, as a top top producer within the bass scene.

So, going forward, what can we next expect to hear from Duckworthsound? It’s likely, following his previous YosH releases, it won’t be the last time we see Duckworthsound featuring on a UK label as he continues to engage a wider UK audience with his ever-developing unique sound and style.

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