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Dubtribu round of 2019 with a powerful compilation

Posted 12/12/19 in

It’s been a joyous ride to follow the expansion of dubstep across 2019. We have seen the genre’s deeper side really rise to new heights in the UK, with new events popping up all over the country, a new infrastructure of radio shows upon different cities and different stations, as well as a stream of incredible releases from numerous different labels. Some of these we have to mention are FatKidOnFire, Sentry, Foundation Audio, Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Artikal and more. (If we were to name all of the platforms that have impressed us, we would be here until next week.)

For us there has been one major standout on top of this pile and that is Dubtribu, a Croydon based label that has given a real focus this year to evolving and promoting upcoming producers from the UK and beyond. Their popularity has soared, seeing numerous high charting steppers releases, with their roster going on to cause serious waves amongst the rest of the 140BPM scene.

Today we want to check out their final offering of 2019 as they bring forward this sizeable compilation project, taking the name ‘Deep Dub Inside 2019’. Available exclusively via our friends at JunoDownload, this compilation serves as the perfect sign out for the year, as they fling forward a potent collection of artists, all packing a punch with their vibrant production techniques and forward thinking arrangement styles. This release defines Dubtribu down to the tee!

Getting into the project itself, we are faced with eight stormers, kicking off with the warbling dub wise flavours of Takjacob’s ‘Can’t Own Me’, followed by Arta’s moog-heavy ‘Flushhh’ and the pile-driver subs of Tinky’s ‘Hakka’. Next, We take a trip to the dungeon with the shimmering bass tones of ‘Invaders’ from Kismat, alongside the spooky atmospheric pressure of Muha’s ‘Sinister’ and stunning reversed soundscaping of ‘Who Do VooDoo’ from Cel. Finally, The minimal bass drones and eastern melodies of ‘Bombay Bad Boy’ from Copley lead us into the heavy delays and hypnotic harmonies of Seazonz from Ran, rounding off a top notch body of work from the Dubtribu camp.

We couldn’t be happier to talk about this one, which you can check out via the SoundCloud link below:

Follow: Dubtribu

Words: KXVU

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