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Drone lands of Sector 7 for a tasty new single and remix

Posted 26/8/19 in

At 3000 we have been really trying to expand the coverage of grime, dubstep and everything in between, so when we saw this brand new drop from the very well respected Sector 7 imprint drop late last night, we simply had to sit down and take in the previews there and then. The label itself has become seen as one of the scene’s most forward thinking projects, championing the 140 hybrid sound between steppers and grime, focussing primarily on eerie originals with pounding sub structures below, proven to cause havoc in the dance.

Sunday saw them upload their latest release previews, which we were thrilled to see gave a return to Bristol based producer: Drone. For us, Drone is without a doubt one of the most versatile 140 artists in the scene today, able to switch his sound effortlessly betwee n the thumping realms of sub-heavy dubstep originals and skippy, more grime influenced rollers, quite often showcasing an expertise with higher ended melodies above beautifully smooth bass designs below.

This release particular, as we said above, plays out to be a perfect hybrid of Drone’s two special areas, as ‘Horror’ provides us with one of the spookiest backdrops we have heard this year. We hear droning layers of chilling, creepy, alarm like tones usher forth above a wash of pounding 808 bass drum layers, topped off with an array of colourful hi-hat patterns and shifting rhythmic twists and turns, leaving the listener both enthralled and surprised at the same time.

On the flip side, we see the return of Boofy, who reworks the track into a super choppy grimey thunderbolt, as he slices the original melody up into daggering triplets, bound to cause a ruckus in any 140 set, driven by sharp drum patterns and yet more pulsating sub-bass structures thrown in for good measure. This is a fantastic new single drop from Sector 7 Sounds, who continue their exciting run of top notch drops, which has excluded the likes of Jook and Lemzly Dale over the last year.

You can check out the full previews below:

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Words: KXVU


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