Drippyboiii link up with Neman for a rave-ready three tracker!

It isn’t often that we find ourselves dipping into the drum & bass side of things here at The 3000 Network, so when we do find ourselves straying above 160bpm, we always try to make sure it is for good reason. Now, this could be a big name dropping a release, a monumental moment for the scene at large, or, in today’s case, just a very very good project that stands out for us above the rest. That is why today we are very excited to be taking a closer look at the latest release from Drippyboiii, a super consistent label project who keep landing on our radar with solid drop after solid drop across numerous different spheres of sound.

Enter: Neman, the proprietor of today’s EP delvings with this weighty three track selection by the name of ‘Invasion‘. Despite the fact there is no raves about right about now, this is a release that upon our first listen took us straight back to the dance floor, 3AM, sweaty, big speakers and a alcohol stained floor. It’s just a proper bag of dance floor dynamite to put it plain and simply, and it’s a shame that we aren’t going to be able this selection on a system any time soon.

We kick off with the title track ‘Invasion‘, a sizzling number driven by it’s constantly shifting low end, dripping in tasteful distortion and rumbling drum expanses, topped off with those classic breaksy chops. Next, man like Olly Riz lands with a super catchy vocal punch in on ‘Game Plan‘, giving this grungey roller a whole new dimension of rhythm and movement, before rounding off with the much more ethereal soundscapes of ‘Flutes‘ for good measure.

We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with Neman for a bit of a look into his sound as whole, which you can check out below

Tell us a bit about the duo. Where are you from and are you involved in many musical projects?

We are both from Croydon but met at Portsmouth Uni 3 years ago and have been making tunes ever since.

What is the music scene like in Portsmouth? 

In Portsmouth its a pretty small scene where everyone knows everyone. We have been residents for Concrete Music for 2 years now and play regularly at their student night, Concrete Thursday,  supporting DJs like Hazard, Macky Gee, Serial Killaz and more.

Tell us a bit about the link up with Drippy, how did it all start? 

Well our mate Turtleneck AKA J-Wok had worked with them and let them know about us, so they messaged us for some demos and ever since we have been working very closely with them and will be for a while. Alot more from us to come on Drippyboiii Recordings.

So what was the first record you bought?

Was an old UKF various artists compilation that cemented the love for bass music.

Tell us about a couple of other releases or labels you have/are enjoying working on/with?

We were lucky enough to work with some great labels this year like Pick N Mix, Latch Recordings and Next Gen Audio. Next year we have some bits coming on IllWILL’s new label, Tin Pan Sound and plenty more on Drippyboiii.

Olly Riz features on track 2 from the EP, how did you meet and start working together?

He’s also from Croydon and we met him at Portsmouth Uni, we’ve been good mates for a few years now and played alot of sets together including the SouthBank stage at NASS 2019.

Could you tell us your dream event lineup?

Dream line up would probably be Magenta b2b Kendrick, Latte b2b Master Error, T>I b2b Upgrade and DJ Marky b2b Serum. Bang.

Favourite Producer / DJ?

Dominator for sure. Best to ever do it .

You mainly produce Drum & Bass, what other genres do you/would you make?

Yeah we mainly make and listen to DnB but love some UKG and UK hip hop.

Do any producers influence your DnB style?

We mainly draw our inspiration from producers like Dominator, SLiPZ, Majistrate and Serum. That old Low Down Deep kind of sound.

A record given to you by your parents?

First CD I was given was the album, Fire by Kasabian in my Christmas stocking. Used to rinse that on my cd player haha.

A track from your school days?

Golddust for sure, used to bang that on bus to school.

A track from your first clubbing experiences?

Definitely Goes Like by Skepsis haha, that was THE track when we first started hitting raves.

You can check out all of the previews for the EP below:

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