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Drippy launch new label project with explosive three tracker

Posted 6/8/20 in

At 3000 we maintan a constant watch across the vast stretches of the UK bass scene, constatly scoping out the latest movements across the country, looking to keep you all as updated as possible on the ever expanding realms of the genre. Often, we find ourselves stumbling across exciting label projects, with today’s outing being exactly that as we take a peek at Drippy, a now advancing events company who are looking to make the step into the wide world of label work.

It seems to be a somewhat regular pattern we are noticing around the UK to see successful event-based brands slowly start to expand their business range and move into the releasing of music, again, a path that the Drippy team are following with a serious amount of impact.

Having kicked off their journey back in November 2019 at a dingey venue in Lincoln called The Basement, they hosted Conducta and Dutta for a wavy night of meriment and melody, leading them into more high profile events alongside the likes of Mr Traumatik + DJ Frenzee, Burt Cope, BlckHry, and many more. We have also seen them launch their extremely colourful clothing line ‘Drippyboiii’, which managed to sell out two full runs in quick succession. This accompanied their unique multi-genre mix series ‘The Drip’.

Watching their journey has most certainly been an exciting one, and it’s all about to get even more bubbly as the label makes it’s emergence. It’s a difficult transition to make for certain, but if they are approaching it with the same enthusaism and skill-set that has seen their other endeavours prosper, we can’t really see it going any other way than up. Their debut release features three forward thinking tracks from key members of the ever-evolving Drippy collective.

Getting into the EP itself was a lot of fun, with Turtleneck UK & Madrush Mc providing us with a sumptuous, electrifying roller, jam packed with subtle textures and explosive vocal pressure. Followed by the clever, unpredictable drum chops and bustling synth pulses of ‘Scanner’ from Axis. Finally, we are introduced to Error’s original: ‘Deviate’, a more stripped back, dark sizzler, perfect for spicing up the dance in the early hours of the morning.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting imprint and you can check out the EP yourselves via the link below :

We also have an exclusive clip of a bonus track, which you can check out below:

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Words: KXVU


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