The slow but sure movement into live events returning has been absolutely fantastic for the UK’s thriving underground music community. It’s been so long since DJ’s and producers have genuinely been able to test out new projects in front of a full size crowd, meaning that there are now a bag of absolute gems in the bag for so many of those faces.

Today, we are taking a quick look at the latest offering from Drinks On Me, whose incredible growth over the lockdown period is something to admire as he continues to grow in both sonic confidence and popularity, exploring a range of sounds as he goes.

Now what better way to explore these new sounds than a full length studio mix ay? We were therefore thrilled that after reaching his like-target on an Instagram post, Drinks On Me has now fully released both the audio and the tracklisting for the second drop in his ‘Drinks On Decks’ series, which has seemingly got the UKG world absolutely buzzing with excitement.

Now, the excitement is understandable for the concept alone, but when we see the tracklisting, things get even crazier.

As you can see above, the mix is jam-packed with goodies from top to bottom, including 11 spicy solo and collaborative originals from the man himself, alongside a bag of crafty cuts from Badger, Drinks On Me, MPH, The Illustration & More Fool U, all tied together with a selection of spicy blends.

It’s a wicked selection that we thoroughly reccomend checking out below:

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