Now as we have mentioned in a number of previous articles, CruCast has become what it was always destined to be over the past year or so, with the amplitude of releases hitting a maximum level that we haven’t seen before and their influence across the bass scene now dwarfing nearly every other imprint about. This has of course lead to a fantastic run of catalogue additions, seeing numerous exciting newcomers and a horde of experienced veterans all joining the banner as they march across 2022. The latest legendary figure to join the parade is a name that we have featured countless times here at The 3000 Network, a legend on the microphone and one the purest dons within this scene.

We are of course talking about the mastermind that is Dread MC. A veteran of several different eras within UK underground dance music, a monster in a live setting and one of the highest collaborative contributors we have ever seen. We have seen his vocals swerve around many different sounds and styles, from garage to breaks to dubstep to bass, and never once has he not sounded as comfortable as ever. Therefore, when we saw that he had a debut album releasing after all these years on CruCast, we couldn’t have found ourselves more excited with the prospect of taking it in.

Now over the years Dread has clearly stacked up a list of exciting artist allies, through performing on the road so many times and of course through his multiplicity of studio adventures. This is very clear to see when we look at the list of collaborators that feature on the project, with the likes of Tsuki, Badger, Hoda, Eloquin, Taiki Nulight, DJQ, Gentlemens Club, SHOSH, Axel Boy and many more all coming forward with a wicked display of potency within the production quality of the project.

Dread MC - Pressure Drop
Dread MC – Pressure Drop

Featuring 14 corking originals, we do actually get to see Dread fully stretch of vocal wings on this, from the more heartfelt, introspective introductions of ‘No Emotion’,  which then switches into pure bass-driven abandon, to the carnival inspired pocket rhythms of ‘Blessed’ alongside Isenberg, to the pitched down devilery of ‘Truth’ alongside JAXX DA FISHWORKS, which again will turn the dance into a zoo-like state. From start to finish get to hear the full breadth of Dread’s career experience, making it at absolute triumph of a project!