Over the now many years of their musical activity, the team over at Southpoint have made a seriously conscious effort to showcase as many different sounds and styles of underground electronic music as they possibly can. Now of course, when they are in scenes sat next to dominating opposition such as CruCast in bass music or Garage Shared in UKG, it could be seen as a slight weaknes to split their genre focus so heavily. However, over the years their catalogue has grown to the point where it now speaks for itself, with a tonne of classics in the sack across everything from breaks to dubstep and then back to bass, grime and garage.

Their latest release sees the return of one of their more enigmatic faces, as Drax, one of their longest serving label members returns with a stunning two-track delight, again hammering home the idea of musical variation within their catalogue. Drax has always been someone floating around the outskirts of grime and 140bpm-based music in general, always infusing eskimo-inspired synthesizer sweeps and stunning sonic backdrops to create glittering musical landscapes, always catching the ears of the more inquisitive 140 fans.

As far as an original goes, ‘About You’ explores a much more murky soundscape than usual for Drax, utilizing colourful 2-step style drum crunches and a lively collection of percussive inputs to match, giving it both a vibrant and somber feel which is sure to send ravers somewhat of an emotional tizz. You can hear numerous levels of use for this one, but even more so when we then take in the V.I.P mix. This version sees Drax return to his much more centralized 140 approach, letting fly a blistering barrage of loopy square waves and explosive harmonic layers, once again sending the arrangement onto an entirely different dimension.

We have always held the belief that Drax is one of the most slept on producers in the UK, and this new two-tracker just goes to prove that further! You can check out both tracks via the JunoDownload link below:

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