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Downplay drop full Jack Selecta clips, so we grab him for a quick interview

Posted 19/6/19 in

There are a lot of different faces involved in this ever expanding bass scene, and that often expands beyond the realms of just producers and DJs. A lot of people have multiple outlets for their creativity, including event promotion, label curation, written content and much more. All of these elements are what make up a healthy backbone for any music scene, with the press coverage and backroom staff being crucial for smooth improvement.

Now as a person, we believe Jack Selecta is one of the most hard working and underrated names in the UK bass scene. We first came across his work whilst he was heading up the Blog Selecta page, giving coverage to a lot of artists that really needed it with professional edge. Along with owning Hausmade, a forward thinking dance music label, he heads up the Selecta artist agency, a home base for a range of pretty large scale UKG and funky artists, including the likes of Marcus Nasty, Limita, Witchdoctor, Higgo and more.

So, there is no denying his behind the scenes credentials, but now he has finally re-emerged on a production tip, seeing his debut EP under the name of Jack Selecta land on the super consistent Downplay Recordings. He puts together two absolute heaters, followed up by a tasty remix from rising star MKII, immediately launching his name into the circles of the most exciting UKG producers within the UKG scene.

We were lucky enough to grab the man for a quick interview about his influences and the EP in general, which we already felt was long overdue!

You can catch the full interview below: 

As the man who is so often behind the scenes, how does it feel to have your own release drop on a platform as on it as Slime?

In all honesty, I’m hugely excited to have an EP out full stop but to have it out on Downplay/Slime is an honor – Andy works tirelessly all for the love of the music and definitely doesn’t get the ratings he deserves. I know full well the quality of the music they’ve been releasing and when he asked I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit of pressure – through it being my debut EP, not wanting to let Andy down and trying to make something up to standard!

Who would you say your primary influences were putting this together?

It’s been a combination of my musical environment and producers I rate. I’ve always loved the freedom garage has; to be both bright and musical and then switch into something dark and rave-ready. I think working closely with Witchdoctor and Higgo on their projects has helped to bring out the musical elements in the release, but I’ve also been at Rinse a lot recently, surrounded by DJs spinning gritty UK music, often with MCs so I feel like that played a factor.

Garage as whole these days, go?

I think garage is starting to get healthy again. Every year since about 2013 people have been saying ‘this year is ukg’s year’ and it has never happened. I think now though, there’s enough dedicated producers and properly curated labels for it to have a serious go. I think what needs to happen next is the artists who aren’t the main figureheads right now need to start getting booked. The ultimate thing for Garage would be for ‘old school’ nights to be killed off but unfortunately I just don’t see that happening. Really though, it’s the most productive and positive I’ve seen the scene for a very long time.

Say, perhaps, Slime were looking for remixes, who would you want on yours?

The remix MKII came through with for Dust Off is absolutely mind blowing to me; I’ve done remixes before but never actually had anything of mine remixed and how he came to the final product he did using my stems is baffling – he’s a very sick producer to keep an eye on. Outside of that, I’d have full faith in any of the guys on Selecta Artists. And further outside of that…MOAD. Who wouldn’t want a Mind of a Dragon remix of their work? The guy smashes it every single time.

What is next for yourself and the Selecta projects in general?

For me, finishing an EP has been something I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time and now I can cross that off the list. From here, I just want to take producing slowly, keep it as something I can enjoy with no pressure. I’ve got a couple of very bait, very fun funky bootlegs on the go and a load of unfinished garage bits that would be perfect for summer so if I can get some time I’d like to get some of those out. With my other projects its all just about pushing the artists I work with and trying to help everyone achieve everything they want to. All the guys on the agency have some sick bits coming up and it’s wicked to see everyone progressing!

Any other shouts?

Big up Andy for getting me involved, and for doing what he does – hands down one of the realest people in music. Also big up Leda Stray, who’s own work rate inspired me to actually sit down and finish some tunes. Other than that, out to everyone who makes music fun and enjoyable and has given me a hand on the journey so far!

You can check out the EP below: 

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Words: KXVU

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