Across the vast realms of underground dance music, there have been numerous absolute stallwart hits over the years that never seem to age or lose relevency in the dances they are played inside. As a genre, garage seems to have a specifically high number of these timeless heaters, from ‘Flowers’ to ‘All I Do’ and back to ‘Gotta Get Through This’. Today however, we are taking a look at a track that has recieved an explosive box of official remixes, reimagining it for 2022 with a spicy overhaul that none of us saw coming, although we’re not really sure how as they all make so much sense!

25 years on from it’s explosive debut, we are thrilled to see the killer cominbation of Double 99 and Top Cat return as ‘Ripgroove’ undergoes a fiery set of official rethinks, celebrating not only the dancefloor dominance but also the continued sonic relevence of this absolute anthem. How many times have we heard tracks resample those breaks or that bassline for instance? It’s actually crazy to think that one track could have had that much influence across so many different sounds from jungle to breaks to garage to grime and 100 other sub-genres in-between.

With this original being a real tipping point between the evolution of system culture and garage’s more popularised emergence, we can’t wait to see what’s been altered in these remixes. We open up with a new version simply entitled ‘Edit’, which switches up the general approach to drum rhythms with a half-time influenced feel, making this very attractive from 140 DJ’s to utilize, with the ‘Club Mix’ providing an additional extension to these themes. Next, ‘The Directors Cut’ explores an even longer rethink with a tonne of additional progression, before Double 99 goes up against 10 Below for a much more 2-step influenced redesign, minimalizing drum structures for a super skippy closer.

We have a funny feeling that this collection is going to cause some serious dancefloor damage, which you can check out via the link below: