We often find ourselves discussing both the progression of the UK bass sound and also the different individual directions a lot of it’s previous creators have decided to move down, be that into a much more EDM-inspired field, a stripped back techy approach or even into the realms of UK garage. Today, we are once again taking a look at the techier branch of the bass-driven tree, as we take a peek at the latest offering from a label collective who have continued to impress over the course of the last 18 months or so with every release they have seen land. Having spoken to the team behind the label in a JunoDownload interview, I’d heard tell of a few of their upcoming projects and was instantly hooked into finding out more.

We are of course talking about The Archives, a fabulous imprint headed up by Deppz & NuBass, exploring the more darker corners of bass music through a combination of tech-house influences and stripped back, metallic sounding arrangements. They have generated a solid following very quickly and the consistency with their releases actually puts a lot of the high-flying labels to shame in our honest opinion. For their latest release, we see them welcome the wonderful sounds of Dommix inside for a spicy three-track display, again, exploring the more stripped out avenues of bass music in 2021. 

As we dive into the project, we are immediately greeted with ‘Lighthouse’, which through a gnarly combo of sweeping sub-texutres and groovy percussive synth pulses, unleashes a wicked sense of futuristic dancefloor flavour, very much fitting of the time. Next, ‘Faded’ takes a bit more of a wider influence set, this time fusing nostalgic garage organ chords with roller-like reese bass twists and grooves, giving us a fiery final product. From here, we move into a much more acidic finale as ‘Wheels Of Power’ generates an interesting harmony between crunchy drums and moogy bass arpeggios to round off a wicked selection in style.

We caught up for a quick chat with Dommix about the release and the future direction of his sound moving forward, which you can check out below:

Firstly, how long has this EP been in the works?

All three tracks were actually made in the height of the first lockdown last year, but there’s been endless tweaking between then and now! It was only in the last few months that me and the label owners decided to put the three together as a body of work though.

This specific sound is such an interesting direction for the fusion of bass and tech, what is it about the sound that draws you in?

As a raver, I go to a lot of house and techno events. I think that side of things has rubbed off on me over time, and if there’s anything that will make you lean towards a certain sound it’s hearing it on a system over and over. Then, I think it’s just a case of that influence being blended with the heavy UK Bass sound that I’ve enjoyed and produced for years now. A lot of my close producer friends are also strong purveyors of this ‘fusion’ sound.

Would you say this EP is the direction you are keen to continue with musically?

In some ways yes – I’m always gonna be about bass heavy beats. But I can definitely see myself straying away from the conventional Bass House sound. I’ve had so much time to listen to music over the last 18 months and my tastes have evolved massively as a result. I won’t share too much but I’ve been making and collecting a lot of garage and breaks more recently and that sound is really resonating with me. We’ll see!

How was it putting this project together with The Archives?

It’s always an absolute pleasure with those boys! We are constantly sending each other the new stuff we’re working on so it all comes together very naturally. They have a really clear direction that they want the label to go in which is always great, and they know how to get the best out of the tracks that we decide on.

What’s next for yourself release wise?

I’ve got another release next month that I’m hugely excited for. It’s somewhat a new sound for people to hear from me and I’m intrigued to see what the reaction will be.

You can check out the full project via our friends at JunoDownload below. 

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