The sunshine is slowly returning to our shores and the temperature is heating up, with summer now rapidly approaching. Now in the UK, we associate a few things with the summer season every year, BBQs, festivals, pub gardens and garage music. There are probably a few more but those are the ones that leap into the front of my mind at least! Garage music truly is the UK’s dance sound of the summer, with the popularity of the sound never being higher and a number of producers putting together some seriously fragrant creations over the last few months. Today, we are going to be taking a peek at the latest offering from one of the scene’s true legends.

That is of course DJQ, without a doubt one of the true pioneers of the modern garage sound, working tirelessly as both an innovative production mastermind and as a major pusher of the sound via his infamous Kiss.FM residency, which has given opportunities ot so many budding producers over the years. This time around he is back in action with a very exciting collaboration, being joined by the likes of Lily Mckenzie & Star.One, for a summer-ready anthem courtesy of the wonderful team over at Local Action, doused in colourul melody and good vibes from start to finish.

Everything about this one represents a feeling of freshness, from the light teal colour scheme of the artwork to the general sonic arrangement, making it an instant must-grab for any DJ. The track itself introduces with Lily’s wonderful vocal performance, which as the tune progresses, starts the recieve the chop treatment , giving us a classic garage-sounding switch up, topped with luminous chord progressions and sharpened drum textures to really get the dance bumping. This is a wonderful fusion of nostalgic understanding and new school production mastery, showcasing the skillset of Star.One & DJQ to the absolute fullest.

You can check out the release via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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