DJ Pencil & The Cut Up Boys bring the UKG vibes to 3000 Deep

At 3000 Deep, we are always looking to explore and expand our catalogue into different areas of underground electronic dance music, with this brand new release from DJ Pencil & The Cut Up Boys pushing into much more of a garage inspired space. Based down in Bournemouth, DJ Pencil is no spring chicken within UKG, having established a vast history within the sound since some of its earliest days.

The EP takes the title ‘Senze Ting’ and consists of three summer-ready bubblers, with the title track giving us a fabulous combination of floating synthetic pads and bulbous drum bounces, topped with rave-ripped vocal lines for an additional sense of throwback energy. Alongside this, MC Pean joins the party for ‘Headcharge’, an organ-lead masterclass, stooped in original garage flavour and choppy drum designs, again, providing a supercharged experience.


Finally, ‘M.O.T.F’ closes the EP out in style with a bag of bubbling energy and a spicy backdrop of soulful vocal slices to match, giving us a final dash of dance floor-ready energy to enjoy before closing out. This is a wicked addition to the 3000 Deep catalogue and we can’t wait to see all of the summer-settings this collection finds a spin within.


Stream/download the full release below: