Distance unleashes new forward thinking EP with Duploc

2020 was without a doubt one of the strongest twelve month periods for dubstep music that we have seen in years. There is an undeniable resurgence in the popularity of the sound. When we say resurgence however, don’t mean that the sound completely went away and came back, because that most definitely isn’t the case, we mean moreso that a wider range of people are finally and thankfully becoming aware of the wonders that are being released with the genre, the quality of which has never been higher.

One of the labels we have seen leading the way in this rebuild is Duploc, a platform that has gone from documenting the sound around the world, to being one of the most consistent label platforms about, alongside hosting the yearly ceremony for the dubstep awards, rewarding the best areas of the genre with a range of different titles.

Their latest release sees them team up with the one and only Distance, one of the foundational members of the original dubstep movement, founder of Chestplate and without a doubt one of the most innovative producers to ever grace the scene, making his name originaly through his metal-influenced synthesizer grinds and sharpened drum designs.

The most important thing when moving forward within a sound for a producer with a status as legendary as Distance is to make sure you are both allowing your sound to move with the times, whilst also retaining those original elements that gave off such an original flavour. Within these three tracks, Distance has done exactly that, as we kick off with ‘Sacrifices’, a super colourful collection of post-purple synthesizer lines and hard hitting, half-time drum arrangements that combine with an instanious classic vibe.

Next, ‘Overcome’ sees us a take a much more stripped back road, as impactful sub-bass designs are let loose amongst the lower levels of the mix, below sweeping pad textures and organic drum arrangements to give us a seriously eerie feel, all before we round the EP off with super industrial percussive placements of ‘808 Snake’, a super metallic combination of gnarly bad instruments and choppy rhythms, rounding off this new EP in style.

This is a fabulous way for Distance to kick off a brand new year of releases, with the previews for the release available for you to view below:

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