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Dissident Sound – Vol. 1 [Compilation]

Posted 7/9/18 in

As one of our favourite new label projects, the innovative creations of the Dissident Sound team really ring true here as they put together a weighty compilation, spanning a range of genres all fueled by rampant subs and grinding basslines. The roster ranges from the futuristic breaksy styles of label co-founder Movement, to the swampy deviations of 9TRANE, to the techy rhythms of Heritage and the stepper growls of Kono, with his gnarly ‘Chamber’ original.

The compilation also includes belters from the likes of Earthnut, who brings some futuristic UKG flavours on ‘Crazy’, whilst Hypho supplies some industrial vibes on the well crafted ‘Only One’, which drives forward through it’s powerful use of affected percussion. Jubley then supplies some explosive moogs on ‘Loons’ before Hartta & Findingthings finish the project up with their junglist roller ‘Solstice’. Overall this is an excellent selection and real statement of intent from the fledgling Dissident Sound team. We look forward to seeing what the remainder of the year has to offer!

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Words: KXVU


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