Over the many years of underground dance music’s dominance in the UK, we have seen numerous different eras of sound, from dubstep to bassline to tech house to garage and grime. Every now and then, those eras produce an anomaly, a unique sounding producer who defies the rules of the time and therefore gives himself a timeless edge, working against the grain to create a truly unique sonic experience.

There have been lots of this individual sonic talismans over the year, your Disclosures, Jokers and Redlights all being perfect examples of this, but today we are talking about a Brightonian original, now based in Bristol, whose sound has stood the test of time across numerous different eras of bass music in general. 

We are of course talking about the one and only Dismantle, whose carnival infused brand of rhythmic creation has had dancefloors jumping around the country for a number of years, most famously with his track ‘Computation’, which was such a refreshing thing to hear at the time and still causes damage in the dances to this day.

We were therefore thrilled to see he had made an official return alongside the fantastic team at More Time Records with this sizzling new four track selection, continuing to explore unique rhythmic ideas and powerful percussive processing from start to finish.

This EP as a whole carries a very lively vibe, kicking off with ‘Freq’, a colourful collection of lively organic drum rolls and bubbling vocal slices, immediately introducing a touch of UK funky into the equation. Next, ‘Molten’ introduces a bit more of a synthesizer lead approach as the wiggling bass sounds of this one add a whole new dimension to the Dismantle sound.

We the find ourselves diving down an even more Soca-infused journey as ‘Absorbed’ goes wild with more live percussive brilliance, focussing almost entirely on rhythmic expression with some subtle bass work holding up the low end. Finally, ‘Dat Tune’ gives us a techy-twist of an outro track, stripping back the drum work and focussing more on minimal bass design and more electronic rhythmic alignments.

It’s a spectacular selection and one we can see causing some serious damage in dances up and down the country. You can check out the full EP via our friends over at JunoDownload.

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