We take a look at the latest offering from Dirty Freud

Well well well, we are back once again to deliver you something a little bit different on The 3000 Network this afternoon as we once again spread are wings and continue to expand our journalistic musical range. We take a great amount of pride in just how many different sounds we are able to cover on a weekly basis, especially within the UK dance music spectrum. Today however, we are expanding our parameter once again as we engage in something a little different, welcoming back Dirty Freud to the platform with yet another great 3000 Network Premiere.

Dirty Freud - Love In The Backwater [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Dirty Freud – Love In The Backwater [The 3000 Network Premiere]
We are absolutely thrilled to be getting involved with this brand new release from Dirty Freud this today, as we bring you the exclusive upload of ‘Love In The Backwater‘ from the London based producer and soundsmith, whose new project is looking very tasty indeed. Following on from receiving the EP, we simply had to get involved, with this premiere being one of our favourite more abstract link ups of 2020.

The theme for 2020 it would seem, is genre fusion, an idea which we hear once again displayed in infinite majesty on this one as deep, aquatic sounding electronic beats are forged and slapped together, dusted down with some fabulous atmospheric sound design and synthy plucks for good measure. This then leaves the field of play wide open for some spectacular vocal work as sumptuous blues vocals emerge from the mist with a sultry tonality from the one and only Ruby Tingle. There is something so chilling and yet so soothing about the fusion of dissonant, glitchy halftime drums and mystic, hypnotic vocal lines, which is what gives this track such a unique feeling and edge. For us it’s something very special, which is why we simply couldn’t resist getting involved on premiere duty, which you can check out via the 3000 Blog link below:

Dirty Freud – Love In The Backwater [The 3000 Network Premiere]

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Also, Join Dirty Freud and Ruby Tingle for their first live performance since lockdown in our Charlie Jones Live Venue below:

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