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Dirty Brothers – Humans EP

Posted 30/7/19 in

So we are back at it again on 3000 Deep as we get down with a brand
new, vibrant two track project from none other than the Dirty Brothers. As a team, they have gained quite the reputation for pulsating original creations, and this latest offering doesn’t break the trend in the slightest.

We begin with the title track ‘Humans’, a shimmering combination of forward thinking bass design and tight electro style drum grooves, lifted to the next level with a chilling vocal lead. On the flip side we then take a look at ‘Carry On’, a much more stripped back jig, packed with quirky sliding percussion and glittering high arpeggiators, shining away above intense sub-lines and punchy kick movements. We couldn’t be happier to be bringing you this one!

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