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Digitalization 3.0 [Out now on 3000 Digital]

Posted 16/12/19 in

Digitalization 3.0 is out now:

Once again we have been tirelessly scouring the globe in search of the best in brand new, innovative and forward thinking bass music and boy do the team over at 3000 Digital have something pretty special in store this time round. As we gear up for the third edition of our own flagship release series, we are finding it hard to contain our excitement!

Following on from a successful 2019 of EP’s, single releases and free downloads from across The 3000 Network, we definitely feel that the ‘Digitalization’ series is our way of putting the cherry on the cake. As ever, we have stuffed it full of goodies, with a combo of Bassline
bouncers and more stripped back rollers all getting involved in the mix and blend:

Firstly, we welcome in Gofra Maslow, with his hard hitting ‘Keep On Dancin’ before dipping into the tearout bass tones of ‘What I Want’ from Sisko & Rawz, the big room house vibes of Collelo’s ‘So Fresh’ and the high ended bass skits of ‘The Devil’ from Plus. Next, we take it deeper as the grizzly subs of ONE&TWO’s ‘Like This’ get busy, chased up by Eleganto’s 4×4 stomping ‘Space Crap’, the scorching synthesizer slaps of NeryVice’s ‘Droppin It Low’ and the wavy bass slides of ‘Armed & Dangerous’ from Isenberg.
We then round everything off in serious style as the super scatty sound design of ‘Grindhouse’ from Demon Tweaks is let loose to run riot, before Ado Woodz draws the project to a close with his very special original beast entitled ‘Watch It’.

This collection of tunes is both a fantastic showcase of bass music in 2019 and of The 3000 Network’s constantly expanding roster.


Digitalization 3.0 is out now:

Digitalization 2.0 is available here:

You can also check out volume 1.0 below:

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