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Digitalization 2.0 [Out Now On 3000 Digital]

Posted 3/9/19 in
Following the fantastic support and success we saw with the first edition, we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing you ‘Digitalization 2.0‘, the second volume of our newly formed compilation series.
Here at The 3000 Network, our primary aim is to showcase the best in new bass music, be that from the established order or from high energy newcomers. If it bangs, we are there to support it!
We are very excited to get into the tracklisting of this one, which showcases a large spectrum of bass music from the UK and beyond, with artists such as BTW, SpaceGat & MPH all kicking us off with some killer creations showcasing just how creative you can get within the modernised bass music brackets. We then dive into an array of punchy originals from the likes of REESE, SAINZ and JØASE with Sheppy straight after with more rhythmic creativity within ‘Drop Itfollowed by Ghstghstghst’s big room belter ‘DR3AM3ER’.
We then see Teotek showcase his complex neuro prowess with a fierce, high tempo weapon entitled ‘Viper’ followed by Nada Deva’s jackin’ flavours in ‘Booty Pop’.
Finally we see KusKa bring forward some deeper, skippy compositional techniques on ‘Apparition’, rounding off what we believe to be our strongest compilation to date, showcasing some of the hottest up and coming faces within our ever expanding bass scene. We can’t wait to hear this box of dynamite bless the dance!
Check out the teaser vid here:

Digitalization 2.0 is out in all stores now:

You can also check out volume 1.0 below:

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