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Digitalization 1.0 [Out Now On 3000 Digital]

Posted 28/5/19 in

As the very first volume of our brand new compilation album series ‘Digitalization’ is finally out, we cannot help but get excited, this has been a labour of love for quite some time now and we can’t wait show it to you!

As a project, the Digitalization encompass everything 3000 Digital stands for, collecting together a hard hitting 9 track amalgamation of futuristic bass compositions.
We begin with the succulent sounds of Motiiv, who joins forces with the legendary Dread MC. Following this, the troops descend in force with Nekst GOLD BULLETS and Bigredcap providing weighty contributions alongside the scatty synthesisers of Shahay‘s ‘Core’ and metallic drum stylings of ‘Occult’ from YZY.
The second half of the LP see’s the pace quicken drastically, with Dryman & MERAK aka Bass RaversKissaJaikea and DN10 providing some incredible 4×4 slappers, adding yet more depth to this already super stacked selection. We then finish up in style and Lalzin popping up with the final threads to tie this one up in wavy style. Again, this project is the perfect showcase for where we are going as a label and platform.

Digitalization 1.0 is out now and you can preview/preorder here:


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