From the angle of producers, we live in a time where the entire landscape of music production has become very inside the box. This, in our eyes, isn’t a bad thing, because it allows people from all walks of life and different levels of income to be able to build a powerful production library of sample packs, presets and plugins without having to break the bank every time they want to build a new sound. This is why we live in an age of sample pack mastery, with numerous different artists across different genres all building their unique sound libraries for other people to experiment with. There is something really beautiful about taking a selection of sounds and watching different people do completely different things with them.

Digital Koala
Digital Koala

Today, we are jumping back onto the market for sample packs as Digital Koala releases his ‘Ultimate UK Sample & Preset Pack’ for all of us to enjoy, consisting of a huge stack of both Serum presets and individual samples and stabs. When purchasing a sample pack, in our eyes, the most important thing to look for is variation in sound, which across the sample side of things alone this selection definitely supplies. There is a comprehensive selection of standard drum kit additions, experimental percussive punches, and unique chants and stabs to really bring any production to life, not just within the bass music sphere either.

The Serum presets included in the pack are also pretty clean, focussing on variety as much as anything, with the sounds included spanning across different explosive sub-bass sounds to more raucous synthetic sounds to lead your creations into the next decade.  Overall, this is a very decent addition to any budding producer’s production arsenal, and with the quality of sound being so high within, worth every penny!

Digital Koala - Ultimate UK Sample & Preset Pack 2021 [OUT NOW]
Digital Koala – Ultimate UK Sample & Preset Pack 2021

Digital Koala – Ultimate UK Sample & Preset Pack 2021 [OUT NOW], download here:


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