Now over the years here at The 3000 Network, we haven’t covered anywhere near as much dubstep music as we should have. That being said however, the steppers side of things has never look healthier that it currently does. Each week we see yet another crazy batch of original creations hit the stores, with a combination of high flying newcomers and seasoned veteran names releasing on both the newer and older imprints to create an exceptional mesh of new music for all of us to enjoy.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at a killer release from the team over at Badman Studios, a San Francisco-based imprint exploring the full breadth of the dubstep sound, with head honchos Leaf and Skugz constantly seeking out killer new projects. They have struck gold with this latest selection for certain as they welcome the innovative and also super consistent Die By The Sword.

Consisting of four dungeon rattling monsters, we begin our journey through this one with a slice of ‘Resurrection’, a sub-heavy synthy sweeper packed with swampy energy, chased up rapidly by the haunting melodies and lethal reesey bass textures of ‘District’ which ups the pace significantly. From here we dive into a much more quirky roller in ‘Labyrinth’ which links gnarly piano tones with moogy basslines before ‘No Return’ unleashes more reesey goodness over intense drum flavours for a fantastic finale.

Overall, this selection boasts a pack of rave-ready system sizzlers that we couldn’t recommend highly enough. You can check out the full release via our friends at JunoDownload inside the link below: 

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