We’re back in business once again as we continue to explore bass music in as many different avenues as we can. Today, we take a look at a spicy new collaboration that sees us explore a sizzling vocal production collaboration, set to knock a fair few socks off in the dance.

Enter: Dexterr, a Brisbane-based producer with an eye and ear for a serious piece of bass production. He is joined on this brand new roller by the name ‘Ready’ by SK, who has continued to impress over the last 18 months. The pair are in fine form, utilising a dazzling display of high ended synthesiser crunches and sweeping LFO textures, all wrapped up in a collection of hard hitting drum punches, topped with a fine vocal lead from SK.

The pair have hit the nail on the head with this new link up, which we are thrilled to have as a new addition to the 3000 Bass catalogue.