One of our favourite things to do here at The 3000 Network is to explore experimentation within bass and electronic music, usually finding ourselves engulfed in bleeps and random soundscapes, but occasionally uncovering an absolute gem of an EP. Today we are going to be looking at one of these golden hauls, as we take a peep at an unexpected but very well worked set of creative endevours, coming to us courtesy of the team over at QRUK, with this being their eighth official drop. The two names in question are Detwiler & 9TRANE, two producers who clearly have a wide spectrum of influences to what they do, and also have a knack for pulling tidy collaborations out of the bag.

Let’s start with 9TRANE, a soundsmith who has covered a tonne of ground over the last 5 years with innovative and forward thinking sonic designs, covering grime, garage, breaks tech, dubstep and everything in-between. Having spoken to him on a number of occasions however, this definitely seems like the direction he has been keen to push towards for a hot minute. Alongside him, Detwiler, a slightly newer but already established figure across tech and house music, with a thunderous catalogue of dancefloor-ready heaters, which have gained some serious support across both the DJ community and DSPs.

We begin our journey through this project with Detwiler’s two rave-inspired solo creations, kicking off with the thunderous rhythmic endevours of ‘Made It Thru’, which combines spacey synthetic pad textures with almost 2-step-style drum clutters, all lifted by a sweeping set of bass notation below. From here, ‘Four Eight Six’ dives into a much more hardcore set of themes as system-busting breaks are fused with old school rave pianos and gritty basslines below for a serious shelldown. We then sweep into the 9TRANE addition to the project as ‘Made It Thru’ recieves’ a throwback rethink, combining more of those crunchy breaks rhythms with sizzling subs and those catchy vocal jitters to deliver a perfect overhaul to complete the project.

We were seriously impressed with the arrangement on this one, which you can check out via our friends over at JunoDownload using the link below:

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