Bass music is in a very healthy place. You will be hard pressed to find anyone working within the genre to say that across the full breadth of the sound, the creativity and levels of exploration into sound design and sonic arrangement is never been higher. Despite the fact the genre quite rightly belongs in and around the dances and soundsystems, this extended period of lockdown doesn’t seem to have halted the display of production mastery across the board, which is obviously a serious plus for everyone involved. It’s a real credit to this scene we are blessed to be a part of that the production line just hasn’t stopped, despite the madness of the current world.


Today, we are diving headfirst into a pool of that creative energy as we take a look at the latest serving from DEAN. Now, despite the simplistic approach to his moniker, DEAN‘s production values are far from simple with the Dudley based soundsmith’s creations earning him plaudits from some of the UK’s biggest and best. We were therefore thrilled when we saw the news that he had a brand new single on the way, which in typical 3000 fashion, we leapt into with some real excitement.

Dean - Love Stands
Dean – Love Stands

This new one is a perfect example of DEAN at his best, taking the title ‘Love Stands’, it’s a lively combination of a tonne of different dance music flavours, culminating¬† in a summer-ready festival smash. The introduction combines spacey, reverberated vocal lines over a combination of colourful pads and high energy drum rolls, leading towards one hell of a crescendo. The drop itself takes influence from old school rave anthems with a sharp synthy lead, letting fly atop stripped back rhythms and powerful subs below.

It’s a perfect party starter, which we have attached the official SoundCloud link to below for your listening enjoyment:¬†

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