It’s been an exciting time for the team over at camp Southpoint, with a very exciting 2021 reshuffle en route and an explosion of new releases in recent months. The Southpoint team has always been one to look towards the future, which is why we were so excited when they announced they were launching a brand new singles project, focussing their resources almost entirely on one off single drops for a few months before the year closed out as a way of celebrating the Introducing platform before finally taking it out of action.

This switch up means that their efforts are one again entirely focussed on the central Southpoint label itself, with the recent collection of singles proving to be a fantastic way of showcasing their top notch roster, with the likes of DJ Jackum, Hybrid Theory, Mofaux & Vital Techniques all providing killer drops. One name has made a real standout set of appearances during this run, with three very well recieved drops all coming together as part of this collection. We are of course talking about Daze Prism, who at this point is one of the label’s most regular frequenters, releasing two full EP’s and a number of remixes and compilation apperances over the last few years and impressing every time.

First up, he was able to explore a spacey fusion of UKG and melodic house with ‘Sakamoto’, which was actually the track the label decided to launch the new singles run with.

From there, he then went on to unleash ‘Check’, another very creative catalogue addition, this time focussing on bubbling arpegios and industrial breaks to provide a different sense of soundscaping.

Now however, the third single from the run has landed, with ‘Satisfy’ being the pick of the bunch in our eyes. This time we do hear Daze Prism fly down the melodic house route again, but with an even smoother landing, dousing beautiful chord progressions with sweeping pad textures and a sunset-like backdrop of sonic harmony to really hammer home just how creative you can be. You can check out the new single below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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